Light Of The World is widely acknowledged as true Innovators of Brit Funk, Jazz Funk and Soul Funk. Their unique sound is a branded combination of gutsy soulful vocals, tight jazz horn melodies and fat gritty bass lines.


The band perform their most popular hits London Town, I Shot the Sheriff, No.1 Girl, I’m So Happy, Time, Ride The Love Train, Pete’s Crusade plus many of the bands major chart hit recordings. Still working together after 35 years original members Gee Bello, Mel Gaynor, Nat Augustin and band are to present a special funk show,


LOTW promise to bring back great memories of the early 80's. Any serious record collector or clubber from the late 70’s and 80’s soul/dance era would have their tracks acts in their collection. Now it’s finally time to enjoy a very special show!


Light Of The World live and on record, are as exciting, surprising fresh and funky as, back in 1979, when Ensign Records announced the London group as their latest signing, back then it was obvious to the growing funk club scene that something special was going on. The label’s Director of A&R was Chris Hill, the soul circuit’s founding father and most in-demand DJ.


Light Of The Worlds’ vision is to continue to perform live throughout the world, as well as, record new material for release, spreading their special brand of Jazz Funk everywhere they go.

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